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The association was legally registered with the Yunlin County Government in 1998, and it was the first local national defense education practice group.The conference is operated independently, and its purpose is to support national policies through entertainment and education, and to guide and assist relevant groups throughout the country to promote and implement the concept of national defense education for all.

The association is also the first people's organization in the country to win the National Defense Education Outstanding Contribution Award of the Ministry of National Defense-Individual Award (111 years) and Group Award (112 years).

​The purpose of this association

The association is a legally established, non-profit social organization. In order to carry forward the meaning of national defense, it gathers professionals from various industries in the county to establish the association, integrates resources inside and outside the county, and spontaneously integrates agricultural development and leisure with private forces. Industry, academic education, cultural knowledge, scientific practice, information technology, disaster prevention and rescue, etc., take the initiative to assist relevant units to promote national defense education by getting close to the people, entertaining and entertaining, so as to enhance the national defense awareness and defense awareness of the whole people, and implement The concept of national defense for the whole people is the purpose.

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​National national defense rooted in childhood

Planning and organizing national national defense education activities suitable for children from elementary schools and parents to experience together, so that parents and children can learn and grow together in fun, and enlighten and cultivate national defense knowledge.

​Picture Story/Winter Holiday Shooting Experience Camp of Minglun Elementary School, Yunlin County

National high school explores education and cultivates martial arts

Design and plan suitable for teenagers of junior high school age, with livelyThe method drives teaching, and emphasizes teamwork through group competitions, etc., and promotes national defense awareness in an educational and entertaining way.

​Photo Story/Teaching Activities of Marksman in Renwu High School, Kaohsiung City

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College Education
Strengthen national defense awareness

Cooperate with colleges and universities across the country to conduct multi-teaching activities of national defense, so that teachers and students in colleges and universities can learn and grow together.

​Picture Story/National Taipei Commercial University National Defense Multivariate Teaching Activities

Social Education All People Participate Together

In line with the local creation method, various activities suitable for all ages are organized among the people, allowing the public to experience military-style activities, advocating the importance of national defense education for the whole people, and enhancing the public's awareness of national defense.

​Picture Story/Shooting and Exploration Camp of Xinxin Cement Morihuo Park, Chiayi County

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College Professional Education

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​cadre training

Train members with military simulation, emphasize the spirit of solidarity in adversity, and complete each cadre training activity together.

national defense education
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